Say “NO” to More Than Just Crack

Boundaries Provide Freedom...Really!

Boundaries: such a pleasant and simple sounding word, yet it invokes fear and incredible discomfort for many.


After listening to my life story, I remember my favorite therapist, Connie, saying to me, “How in the world do you have any boundaries?”

I had the privilege of being asked to deliver the final message as part of a 5-week series at Mosaic Church in Charlotte, NC.

Crazy Love: How to Love the Mentally Ill without Losing Yourself

When I tell people I have a crazy mother a variety of things happen.

Kim Honeycutt Crazy Mom Mental Illness

The first and most common response is people say, “Who doesn’t?” I generally say, “No, really. My mother is crazy.” And they say, “So is mine.”

Out of curiosity and searching for an empathetic connection, I ask what kind of crazy things did your mother do?

Grief: A Year of Firsts

3 Things Helping Me Navigate a Recent Loss

Every year on August 18th, I post on Facebook about my accident which occurred in 1986.

Kim Honeycutt - Overcoming Grief

Today, marks 30 years since that potentially fatal day.

It is the day God performed a miracle in my life, but it wasn’t until many years later that I was able to emotionally and spiritually comprehend the power of His presence.

On the day of my accident I was acutely aware, however, of what my father and my Uncle Joe did for me.